Why this page? Well, I’m collecting models of construction machinery myself since many years (mostly die cast models in scale 1 : 50). But even with vivid trading of these models on eBay for example, there seems to be very few pages, where collectors have a contact point (in German at least, that is).
So I decided to start this page.

Diese Seite ist auch auf Deutsch verfügbar. Offensichtlich hat sich auf Grund der Einstellungen Ihres Browsers der Server entschieden, die englische Version zu liefern. Falls Sie lieber die deutsche Version sehen möchten, können Sie dazu den entsprechenden Link am Ende jeder Seite verwenden.

To the Heavy Load FAQ or the Determination Manual (unfortunately German only).

I decided to shut down the forum due to lack of acceptance and technical difficulties. If you want to discuss about models nonetheless, I recommend the Hansebube-Forum, where I’m active too.

By the way: If you want to know more about myself, you can have a look at my “personal” homepage.
Of course, you can ask questions too.


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