Liebherr A 954 C HD High Rise

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Manufacturer of real machineLiebherr
TypeA 954 C HD High Rise
Manufacturer of modelNZG
Scale1 : 50

After the A 974, the A 954 C is Liebherr’s second largest material handler on a wheeled undercarriage. Because of the high operating weight (more than 75 metric tons / 165,000 lb), only a HD (Heavy Duty) undercarriage can be used. Since a machine like this will always be used on well paved grounds, Liebherr uses solid rubber tyres that improve overall stability when the outriggers are retracted. Furthermore, this machine comes with an “High Rise” option. With this, a cylindrical section is placed between the undercarriage and the uppercarriage, thus rising the upper structure. This makes for higher reach an, especially in combination with an adjustable cab, for a better dirver’s field of view.

NZG managed to add a multitude of details this excellent model.

Categoriesexcavator (general), wheeled excavator, material handling, material handler
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