Liebherr 140 HC-K

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Manufacturer of real machineLiebherr
Type140 HC-K
Manufacturer of modelConrad
Scale1 : 87

At the beginning of the eighties, Liebherr introduced a new series of top-slewing tower cranes with a tilting and bending jib—the “HC-K”. According to Liebherr, these cranes should provide advantages when building high structures like cooling or television towers. No longer needed reach in width for building lower and wider parts of the structure should be translated in reach in hight for higher parts, thus saving the need for more climbing processes with the crane tower itself.
Meanwhile, the HC-K cranes have been gone out of production again.

Depending on overhang and position of the jib, the 140 HC-K provides lifting capacities of 2 to 12 metric tonnes (4,400–26,500 lb) and a maximum lifting height of 99 m (325 ft) when beeing erected without support from an adjacent building.

Categoriescrane, tower crane, top-slewing crane
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