Faun / SMG F63/50A with crank brace

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Manufacturer of real machineFaun / SMG
TypeF63/50A with crank brace
Manufacturer of modelConrad
Scale1 : 50

In 1956, the Faun company deliverd several truck chassis of the “F63/50A” type (175 hp, all-wheel drive) to the Salzgitter Maschinen AG (SMG). There, crank braces where mounted on the trucks, with help of which the Salzgitter AG started looking for crude oil deposits under West-Germany. The crank braces where able to handle drilling pipes to a depth of 4000 m (13,100 ft).

Conrad issued this model in 2006 as a celebration model for their 50th anniversary. It is limited to 2006 pieces.

Categoriesspecial livery, miscellaneous
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