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Manufacturer of real machineABI
TypeMDBA 3500, HPZ
Manufacturer of modelConrad
Scale1 : 50

Fitted for the TM12/15 model, Conrad also offered a set of worktools that included two new attachments, which can be interchanged with the standard piling and extracting vibrator.

The first attachment is a drilling drive MDBA 3500 with a drilling auger. On a real machine, a tool like this is used for example to bring down ground release drillings when sheet piles are to be driven into hard ground.

The second attachment is a Hydro Press System HPZ. With this, sheet piles can be driven into the ground without vibration. To do so, four sheet piles are attached to the system. Two of them–the inner two and the outer two respectively—are pushed simultaneously into the ground with the help of strong hydraulics. During this, the HPZ system “grabs hold” on the other two sheet piles. This method is used when adjacent buildings could be damaged by the vibrations traditional piling causes.

Additionally the set contained a small stand for displaying the work tools and four sheet piles for demonstrating the work processes of the attachments.

Categoriesdrilling/piling/foundation, Add-On/extension set
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