Liebherr LRB 255

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Manufacturer of real machineLiebherr
TypeLRB 255
Manufacturer of modelNZG
Scale1 : 50

The Liebherr LRB 255 is a carrier machine for foundation purposes which be equipped with both hammers and rotary drills. With an operating weight of 80 tonnes (176,000 lb), it is the largest machine of the new LRB series. (Only the still offered LRB 400 is bigger, but is also a part from an older series.) The 911 hp engine gives the LRB 255 the ability to offer up to 40 metric tons (88,000 lb) pulling force and torques up to 300 kNm with rotary drives.
The model is equipped with a high-frequency vibrator 40 VML, which is used for driving and pulling sheet piles. It weighs 6,200 kg (13,700 lb).

The model comes with a presentation base-plate in which the also supplied sheet piles can be put.

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