Mercedes-Benz / Goldhofer Actros 4160 / SPZ-DH8-83/80 – “Franz Bracht”

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Manufacturer of real machineMercedes-Benz / Goldhofer
TypeActros 4160 / SPZ-DH8-83/80 – “Franz Bracht”
Manufacturer of modelWSI / KSM
Scale1 : 50

The 8-axle trailer SPZ-DH8-83/80 was developed by Goldhofer specially for the purpose of transporting the boom of the Liebherr LTM 11200-9.1. The trailer is used by several crane rental companies. Franz Bracht of Erwitte, Germany usually uses a Mercedes Actros MP3 4160 as a tractor for this trailer.

The model of the tractor was made by WSI, the trailer was made by KSM. Both were sold as a bundle by KSM.

Categoriesspecial livery, truck, heavy load
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