Caterpillar D9G

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Manufacturer of real machineCaterpillar
Manufacturer of modelGescha
Scale1 : 50

The track-type tractor/bulldozer Caterpillar D9G was introduced in 1961 as the next generation in the previous D9/D9D/D9E series. It was built until 1974, when it was replaced with the D9H model. During its time, the D9G was Caterpillar's largest tractor/dozer and weighed 31 metric tons (68,000 lb) without dozerblade and ripper. It was powered by a six-cylinder Caterpillar diesel engine with 24 l (1473 cuin) displacement and 385 hp.

This Gescha model came with a hitch and a ripper than can be mounted on the rear of the model alternatively.

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