Bauer BG 24H

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Manufacturer of real machineBauer
TypeBG 24H
Manufacturer of modelBrami
Scale1 : 50

The Bauer BG 24H is a medium sized rotary drilling rig. The 24 in the type number is a hint to the maximum torque of the rotary drive of 233 kNm. This enables the BG 24H to conduct drilling up to 1.70 m (67 in) in diametre and more than 50 m (165 ft) in depth. The “H&” denotes a new series of Bauer drilling rigs, that can be transported in one piece after removing the drilling tool and rotary drive.


The BG 24H can be fitted with a variety of work tools like a continous flight auger, displacement auger or a soil mixing system. The model comes with a kelly and a small auger.

A BS 70C is the carrier for this 77 t (170,000 lb), which was developed by Bauer and Sennbogen.

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