Bauma 2004

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Like three years ago, I started to a trip to Munich, Germany early in the morning of March 30, since the fiftyth Bauma opened that day. With 2.801 exhibitors from 48 countries, the trade show had again grown considerably and therefore used an even greater area of now 495.000 m² (592.000 yd²). The following pages are intended to give you an impression of this fascinating show.


Halls B3 and B4

Two 40 sht articulated dump trucks: Bell B40D (left) and Moxy MT41 (right).
Bell 2[Photo]
Bell B30DMoxy MT31

The first two halls I took a closer look on (B3 and B4) were used by many manufacturers each. Among others, Moxy and Bell showed their new articulated dump trucks of the “>40 sht payload” class (36.2 metric tons): The Moxy MT41 and the Bell B40D. With both vehicles, the huge dimensions only become clear in comparison to people. Of course, both companies presented smaller trucks too. For example the Bell B30D that is manufactured in Germany and the Moxy MT31. With the help of this, Moxy demonstrated the excellent all-terrain capabilities of their trucks as usual.

Ditch Witch, who are known for their trenchers and vertical drilling machinery, resided in hall B3 as well. So equipment like the RT115 rock trencher and the small-size trencher HT25 could be seen here.
Also Frutiger of Switzerland, who carry on the Menck tradition of scrape dozers, was present here. The new top model “SR 3000” had been painted in a tiger pattern according to the machine’s nickname “Tiger”.

[Photo]RT115 rock trencher (left) and the small trencher HT25 (right), both by Ditch Witch[Photo]
[Photo]Scraper dozer Frutiger SR 3000 “Tiger”

Well known truck manufacturers like Daimler Chrysler, MAN, Renault and Scania were present in hall B4. For most visitors, the 4-axle heavy load tractor “Actros 4160 SLT” was the star of the Mercedes booth, since the the truck features a 609 hp engine (468 kW) and a total combination weight of up to 250 metric tons (551,000 lb).

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