Modelshow Europe 2002

On April 13., the Modelshow Europe took place in the Netherlands. This year for the first time in Geldermalsen, since the old place in Ochten had became too small. And despite the fact that I’ve attended the show for the first time, I do believe this statement at once, since a large storage building for fruit was converted almost completely into a showroom.


A note in advance: Unfortunately, I missed to take notes concerning details of the models and their builders. (Which would have been almost impossible during only six hours of visit in the first place.) So if you have more information (Scale of models, names, e-mail addresses or homepages of the builders), please let me know. I’ll try to integrate this into this document.

Scale 1 : 50

[Photo]Only Caterpillar machines could be found on this diorama. Additionally to a self-built 345B ME, several interresting conversions were presented: Among others a 365B L with a large scrap shear, an articulated swap-body-truck and several 325 with different boom configurations.
Also a nice conversion wis this 365B L with a longfront boom and tiltable cab. [Photo] [Photo]
[Photo] This builder has dedicated himself to the construction of historic models, which he showed on small dioramas. Among them an impressive dragline. [Photo]
[Photo] [Photo]
This strange looking model is built according to real machine, which can be see at Ulrich Pöschl’s Homepage. CMM showed several self-built conversions at their booth.
[Photo] [Photo] [Photo]
Horst Möhler presented several conversions and built-from-scratch-models of foundation machinery. Model of a large dredger.

Scales 1 : 16 – 1 : 8

[Photo] [Photo] [Photo]
Several very interresting models could be seen in “larger” scales: Among these, Martin Kampshoff’s O&K RH 30-F already known from the Bauma 2002, … … an Atlas 1704LC … … and a Caterpillar 988F, shown here loaded on a flatbed trailer, pulled by a MAN-ÖAF truck
[Photo] [Photo] [Photo]
H. Berends’ Liebherr R 932 Litronic with straight boom, quick hitch and ditch cleaning bucket from Verachtert Also fully functional crane models could be found in numbers. Among these was the Demag TC 3600 Quicklifter, made by Mr. Schlösser, 1 : 14,2 in scale. It can reach a maximum height of 12.9 m (42 ft, 4″). The full height couldn’t be reached inside, but one should be able to anticipate its full size.
[Photo] [Photo] [Photo]
A dutch model builder presented this model of a Demag CC 4800 with a ringer, 1 : 16 in scale, that is still under construction. This Gottwald AK 850/1000 also stood tall.
[Photo] [Photo] [Photo]
U. Möckelmann showed the technics inside of his O&K RH6-22, that has to be painted yet. This Liebherr R 954 was also unpainted, but impressive nonetheless.
[Photo] [Photo] The impressive size of the Caterpillar D10N dozer is clearly visible, even in scale 1 : 8(?).


Here you will find several interessting things, that wouldn’t fit into the categories above.

[Photo] [Photo]
This model of a floating crane ist not only very big, but also finely detailed. A heavy piece of equipment: A O&K RH400 in 1 : 25, built out of metal.
Dennis Bosman showed his Lego-trucks. He told me that the Liebherr R 974 B on the left picture is fully functional due to 12 V motors. the picture to the right shows the model of Hitachi CX700GLS drilling rig. Its boom is 2.20 m (7 ft, 3″) tall. [Photo] [Photo]
[Photo] [Photo] Two very impressive models of all-terrain special vehicles from the Canadian manufaturer Foremost