Table of Colours

This table contains codes of colours of original paint schemes, which should be of use for model builders. Of course, you can write me an e-mail, if you want to tell me about missing or incorrect entries.

Just in case you are not familiar with the ”RAL“ codes mentioned below: The RAL system is a system of standardized definition of colours, which is in wide use throughout German industry. Unfortunately, I don’t know about any other colour codes (“Humbrol” for example) that are be equal to the RAL codes listed below. I’ll list them as soon as I know, of course.
If you want to know more about the RAL codes, please visit the RAL homepage.

ManufacturerDetailsRAL codeName of colourComments
Caterpillarbrownish orange (new)nonesee comment
Liebherryellownone (close to 1007)(Daffodil Yellow)see comment
Liebherrgrey (undercarriage, work tools, etc. in new paint scheme)7043Traffic Grey B
Liebherrwhite (operator’s cabs)9003Signal White
Lindered (chassis)2002Vermilion
Lindedark grey (cab, boom)7021Black Grey
O&Kred3020Traffic Red


The slightly brownish yellow of the current Caterpillar paint scheme doesn’t match any RAL code or isn’t even close to one. It might be possible to mix the proper colour from two or three RAL colours, but best practice should be to ask for a small amount of paint at your local Caterpillar dealer.


Liebherr too doesn’t use a RAL colour, but RAL 1007 “Daffodil Yellow” comes quite close.
Models from Conrad differ from the original colour too, but I got a hint from Ulrich Pöschl to use “Signal-Brilliant-Ocker” (L 426) from Opel. (German manufacturer of cars, marketed as “Vauxhall” in Great Britain.) Unfortunately, this paint isn’t available from Opel anymore, but a well-equipped store for paint should be able to mix it on demand.

Furthermore, from Great Britain, I received the hint that Halfords “yellow Filler Primer” (Item Code 451591) matches Conrad's yellow quite closely. In case of using this primer, one would have to apply an additional layer of clear varnish to get a robust surface.