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Bauma 2004

Open-air grounds F9–F13 and Northern open-air ground: Vögele, Dynapac, Hitachi, Hyundai and others

Northern open-air ground

In order to satisfy the increased demand for space, the trade show grounds had grown in a northerly direction in 2004. Since this area is beyond a public road, it was connected to the main area by two temporary footbridges. On this northern ground, also the special side-show “Bauma Mining” took place.

Furthermore, several asian manufacturers like Hyundai, Daewoo and Hitachi could be found here. The later had set up another entry to the “competition” about the largest exhibit with its EX 1900-5.

Only four more companies, that presented their products on the northern ground, should be named here representatively for all others: Swedish manufacturer Oilquick showed its innovative quick-lock system that does not only establish a mechanical lock but also hydraulic connections automaticaly.
Furthermore, Menzi-Muck of Switzerland demonstrated the agility of its well known multi-purpose excavators that had been reworked.
At the booth of Vermeer, known for trenchless pipelaying, trenchers and the like, the “T1255 Terrain Leveler” could be seen.
Last but knot least, the small company Böla of Eastern Germany showed its frontshovel on driveless wheeled undercarriage, for which a fuel consumption of only 31 l (8 gal) per hour, while a loading capacity of 500 metric tons (550 sht) at the same time is guaranteed.

Dressta dozersLargest Kälble wheel loader: SL 28Böla frontshovel
Menzi-Muck A81Oilquick quick hitchVermeer T1255

Open-air grounds F9–F13

Largest Vögele paver: SUPER 2500Paver with built-in emulsion storage- and spray-system: SUPER 1800 SF
Interesting bottom side of a paverWirtgen 2200 CR cold recycler

On the rest of the trade fair numerous companies, both large and small could be found too, which, of course, can’t possibly described here in detail. One of the better known manufaturers in this area was the Wirtgen Group, that also encompasses the German company Vögele lately. Since this company is well known for its paving equipment, a lot of this could be seen in Munich: The largest paver SUPER 2500 with a maximum working width of 16 m (53 ft), shown together with the MT 1000-1 mobile feeder, as well as a SUPER 1800 SF paver that features an integrated tank and spray system for bitumen emulsions. Wirtgen itself showed its large range of products of soil stabilisers, cold recyclers, cold planers and slipform pavers.

Schwing, a well known manufacturer of concrete pumps, presented its new SX outrigger system. With this system, outriggers don’t have to be swung out in a space-consuming way anymore are extended in a direct line which makes them able to fit into even very tight places. In order to retract the outriggers into the superstructure while travelling, the outriggers are built not in a straight but in widely curved way.

Soil compactor with good vision to the rear: Ammann AC110-3Bobcat WS24 wheel sawDynapac AM300 paver with F300CS mobile feeder
Grove GMK7450 (450 t / 496 sht)Schwing concrete pump with new outriggersItalian Rigo RTT1305 130 t crane (143 sht)
Nicely presented: the new design of the Rammer hammersGradall XL 4200II with Telestick boom extensionDrill-rig from Italy: Mait HR 240-800