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Bauma 2004


Open-air ground F8: Liebherr

Liebherr, that is producing several of the world’s largest “conventinal” minig equipment and cranes, tried very hard to fullfill the expectations that come with this. Accordingly, the world’s largest dump truck T 282 B was the centre of the booth, featuring 360 metric tons (almost 400 sht) and 3,000–3,650 hp. Not really matching, since it is itended to load smaller trucks, a R 994 B stood behind the truck. Of course, this machine is very impressive machine nonetheless if seen on its own. It was painted not in white, like Liebherr usually does with mining equipment since a couple of years, but in the future operator’s livery, “Mt. Arthur Coal” Mining of Australia.

Additionally, many more exhibits related to earth moving and representing a wide choice of Liebherr’s offering, were grouped around this huge machines. They went all the way from the R 984 C in mining livery down to excavators of the compact 300 series. Between them and among others were a R 964 B frontshovel, a R 934 B with extendable undercarriage and longfront boom as well as a brand new R 954 C, that is equipped with a new, “round” driver’s cab like all excavators of the “C” generation.

Similar to the the wheel loader in metallic blue livery in 2001, Liebherr had put up a eye-cather additional to the mining machinery in front of the booth: A “wheel loader sculpture” featuring a L 510 and a L 506, similar to 1998.

Further wheel loaders and dozers were presented “conventionally”, among these were Liebherr’s largest wheel loader L 580 2plus2, the second largest tracked dozerPR 752 as well as the RL 22 pipelayer.

RL 22 pipelayerLiebherr’s largest wheel loader L 580 2plus2Dozer PR 752New R 317
Long: LTM 1400/1 with luffing jib. (To the right a LTM 1500)

Like usual, the Liebherr show area was devided in two parts by the Liebher pavillion, specially built for the trade show. While the earth moving equipment was presented on one side, cranes were shown on the other, where Liebherr showcased a lot of new machinery. Huge and awaited eagerly by heavy load fans were the LR 1400/2-W and the LG 1750.
The LR 1400/2-W is a 400 t (440 sht) crawler crane with “narrow gauge” capabilites: The undercarriage is just 4.8 m (16 ft) wide which is usefull when moving the crane in confined areas. In order to give the crane the needed stability despite the narrow crawlers, the machine is equipped with outriggers that provide a 11.5 m × 11.5 m (38 ft × 38 ft) base. These outriggers can be folded to the front and the back of the crane respectively when moving the machine.
In contrast, the LG 1750 is lattice boom mobile crane with a lift capability of up to 750 metric tons (825 sht) which makes it the biggest crane of that kind, that Liebherr has built so far. The crane has become so huge and heavy that the whole upper carriage has to be removed during transports due to size and weight restrictions.

But Liebherr had also worked on the lower end of the product range and is now able to offer a versatile compact crane named LTC 1055, that resembles the Terex-Demag “City Class” in many ways.

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