Bauma 2007, part 3

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Hall B6

The two big Caterpillar excvators 385C FS (left) and 365C ESME (right),…
… the two large wheel loaders 992K (left) and 988H (right)…
…and two dump trucks: 740 (left, a 345C L in the back) and 772 (right).
Caterpillar dozers D6K LGP (left) und D9T (right)

Like in the prevois years, Caterpillar had had the most of hall B6 all by themselves. Here, the new “Power Edge” company logo did easily catch the visitor”s eyes. Despite from that, Caterpillar had almost crammed a lot of large-scale machinery into the hall: Among this was the largest of Cat’s excavators, the 385 of the current C series in front shovel configuration as well as a 365C ESME, which denotes the ‘Extreme Server’ version with a heavy duty undercarriage and a ‘Mass Excavation” boom, on Bauma shown complete with quick coupling device.
But also the other tracked excavators on display weren’t exactly small, like a 345C L and 330D L as well as the second-largest short tail excavator 321D LCR equipped with an adjustable boom.
The range of the exhibited dump trucks included the off-highway trucks 777F (100sht payload) and 772 (50sht payload), both width a redesigned front, as well as the articulated dump trucks 740 (40sht payload) and 730 Ejector (30sht payload, with an mechanism for ejecting the load).
The show was rounded off by various other exhibits that were mostly road construction related. For example a wheeled excavator M322D with a hyraulic hammer or the two dozers D6L LGP (with Laser control system) and D9T. The 14M grader shown represented the new M series graders which now comes with a joystick control.
But also smaller machines like a compact loader 297C with delta tracks and an arched windshield for better visibility could be seen.

On the open-air grounds in front of the hall, mainly machines suited for waste handling and industrial applications were shown. For exmaple the two material handlers M318D MH and M325D MH. The first of which featured a four outriggers and an additional dozer blade as well as a bucket cylinder and a grapple. The later of which featured a cranked stick, a multi-tine grapple and a height-adjustable cab. Between these stood a IT62H, a wheel loader based on the 962H, but fitted for industrial purposes. Another wheel loader was a 530G with a Highlift monoboom. Without doubt, two more rare machines on display were the landfill compactor 836H and Caterpillar’s largest short tail excavator 328D LCR in a special tunneling version with a front shovel.

Aside from Caterpillar, Putzmeister could again be found in hall B6. But this booth too suffered a little from too much exhibits on too few space, since two of the largest concrete pumps, M58-5 (a new product) and M62-6 on huge Mercedes 6560 six-axle undercarriages could be seen—plus various smaller pumps.

Three short tail excavators by Caterpillar: 320D RR (far left) with an only slightly shortend tail, 321D LCR (left) with adjustable boom and 328D LCR FSCompact loader 297C with delta tracks
Cat 330D L and 730 Ejector in the backCat 325D with longreach boomWheeled excavator Cat M322D with hammerGrader Cat 14M
Cat 930G HighliftFor wasta handling: M318D MH, IT62H and M325D MH (all left), landfill compactor 826H (right) and again M325D MH (far right)

Freigelšnde F6

On the open-air ground F5, several more German manufacturers were present: The Bauer Group for example, who produces various drilling and special foundation machinery. On their booth, the trench cutter CBC32 with a new hose reel system coul be seen. This machine, despite it’s compact size, offers a maximum cutting depth of 75m. Another novelty was the rotary drill rig BG25C, which is based on a simplified design and will be built in China in the future. Another large-scale drill rig was the BG40, shown with a bucket drill.
Prakla is also a member of the Bauer Group an showed a drill rig RB50 mounted on a three-axle MAN TGA chassis, that will be sold to De Beers according to the markings on the machine.

Neuson-Kramer showed numerous machines from their product range including special solutions like the small excavator 3703 with a tiltable undercarriage for safe working on sloped ground. Of course also novelties like the compact loader 1101c on tracks and already-known machine like the dumper 6001 with six tonnes of payload and the biggest Kramer wheel loader 880 (showcased with a high dump bucket including clamp).

Hydrema of Sweden had brought several exhibits to Munich like the 926D backhoe and the 922C dump truck with 20 tonnes of payload.

Neuson machines: compact excavator 3703 with tiltable undercarriage (left), compact loader 1101c on tracks (center) and dumper 6001s (right)
Kramer wheellaoder 880Hydrema dumper 922C (center) and backhoe 926D (right)

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