Bauma 2007, part 6

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Open-air ground F8


Liebherr R914C in new design
Liebherr R317

Liebherr had rented a much larger area than in 2004 and had put a lot of novelties and biggest machines of various categories on it. Aside from the brand new record telescopic mobile crane LTM 11200-9.1 and the crawler crane LR 11350, without doubt, two mining machines were the top eye-cather at Liebherr’s: The R9250 with backhoe, one of two first members of the new R9000 series that will eventually replace the R990 series. With an operating weight of 250 tonnes, this excavators uses a bucket or a shovel with a capacity of 15m³ (20 cuyd) respectively. The second mining machine was the brand new TI274 with a payload of 320sht, which features, like the TI272 before, two floating half axles at the rear.

Also new were the smaller tracked excavators of the 900C series which also received a new design along the line. The 900 series wheeled excavators were also presented in the C version, while the largest “conventional” machine A924C (all larger A900 series machines are exclusively built in material handler configurations) was used to demonstrate some attachments usefull for canalisation works. Furthermor there was a jubilee to celebrate: Liebherr has already built more than 50,000 wheeled excavators in total, with the 50,000th being on display in special paint.

Another machine shown in a special paint scheme of black and silver was the new wheel loader top model L586 2plus2. Aside from this, many more wheel loaders were shown, among these a L556 2plus2, a L538 2plus1 equipped for waste-handling purposes including a high dump bucket down to the L514 Stereo and L506 Stereo.

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Liebherr wheel loader: specially painted top model L586 (far left), L556 (left), L538 with high dump bucket (right), L514 and L506 (both to the far right)
Liebherr A924C with attachments for canalisation worksLiebherr’s 50,000th wheeled excavator, a specially painted A904CLiebherr A314 special boom

Another novelty was the PR764 dozer, which is, according to Liebher, the world’s largest dozer with a hydrostatic drive. On one it’s predecessors, the PR752, the also shown pipelayer RL52 is based.

Among the other large machines on display was Liebherr’ largest dragline, the HS895 HD in a new, reinforced version as well as the R974C or the R964C front shovel. For waste and material handling purposes, Liebherr showcases several machines, the biggest of which was a A954C HD High Rise material handler with a two metre raise of the upper carriage as well as a A934C HD log handler.

Liebherr dozers PR744 (far left) and PR764 (left)Liebherr RL52 pipelayerLiebherr tracked loader LR624 with a LR614 in the back
HS895 HD draglineLiebherr R944C in tunneling versionTracked excavators R974C (right) and R964C front shovel (far right)
Liebherr A900C ZW with rail/road equipmentA954C HD High Rise material handlerLiebherr A934C  log handlerAlso on open-air ground F8: Atlas-Copco with complete product range from small to large

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